Market Research – The Right Way!

Market Research – The Right Way!

Market research is, and always has been, a fundamental process in determining content and strategy.  But are we limiting our options when we tunnel-vision on the questions that we give our users? Michael Andrews of seems to think so.

Content design has never been more important.  People have less time than ever to deal with unwanted content.  But content design should not be about spoon-feeding audiences answers to pre-approved questions.

Michael Andrews -

The main crux of his argument rests in the ability to remain agile, adaptive and responsive, which are all important traits to have in today’s marketing world:

  1. Many user questions can’t be guessed — or discovered — in advance
  2. Both the top tasks, and long tail, approaches assume that each question has one answer
  3. The idea that long tail content is necessarily more relevant is fiction
  4. Content design should be built on a foundation of compositional content
  5. A compositional topic could be rich in variations that would yield different answers

“My advice to content creators is this.  If you have unique information to share, you should publish it.  Even if you’re not sure whether users have a pre-existing need to look for that information, it could be valuable.”

You can read the entirety of this informative blog post here. 

It is our belief that a certain amount of pre-requisite questions will always be necessary, but a healthy does of “Done-is-better-than-perfect” attitude thrown into the mix, especially where unique content is concerned is great to take on board. What do you think?


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