Posted by moove | 02 01 2018| Marketing
Market Research – The Right Way!

Market research is, and always has been, a fundamental process in determining content and strategy.  But are we limiting our options when we tunnel-vision on the questions that we give our users? Michael Andrews of seems to think so. Content design has never been more important.  People have less time than ever to deal with...

Posted by moove | 01 01 2018| Technology
2018 and Onwards

As we #Moove forward into 2018, the ever evolving space of technology in society shifts, sometimes in quiet whispers, and others in leaps and bounds... the only constant is the change itself. An interesting article written by author and futurist Steve Sammartino lists a few trends and technological predictions that he thinks will be prevalent...

Posted by moove | 01 11 2017| Property
Oakleigh: The Greek hub undergoing a transformation

(This article was first posted on by Kate Stanton, November 2017. The full article can be found here) Many Melburnians know Oakleigh as the epicentre of Greek suburban life, notable in a city that already has the largest Greek population outside of Athens. In recent years, what was once a modest working-class village has transformed...