2018 and Onwards

2018 and Onwards

As we #Moove forward into 2018, the ever evolving space of technology in society shifts, sometimes in quiet whispers, and others in leaps and bounds… the only constant is the change itself. An interesting article written by author and futurist Steve Sammartino lists a few trends and technological predictions that he thinks will be prevalent and relevant for the year ahead. These include the progression of voice activation assistants, the rise of drones and robots, virtual and augmented reality, and most obviously (and probably most interestingly), the great “Crypto Bubble” and its subsequent regulatory developments (or lack thereof).

The underlying value of any product, service, asset class, or investment does not preclude it from getting overpriced (read bubble). The problem isn’t the price itself though, bitcoin could end up worth a million each for all i know, but that rapid adoption creates a rush at the door, and inevitably not everyone can get in or out.

Steve Sammartino

In his blog post, Steve reminds us that currency is based on trust and not value, which is something we often overlook. “It’s impossible to price an asset which has no yield and is based only on confidence and demand. Expect to see Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Monero and others experience similar gains this year to bitcoin last year in a dotcom style boom. And just like that boom, a crash will happen, though I’m not sure when”.

While we ride the waves of highs, it is equally important to keep a clear and sound investment strategy in mind, and to spend time researching what will be sound technologies in the long term.

What techs do you see taking the front row seat in 2018? You can read more of Steve’s blog post here.

Happy new year to all, and we hope you will be able to #MooveWithUs in 2018!

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